The Wild Barn Story

Made from passion & canned to share.

Like all great inventions, Wild Barn was birthed out of need - a need to subsidize my cold brew addiction without going bankrupt. I'm kidding! Mostly. In fact, this Colorado-based, women-owned, coffee-slinging operation was inspired by need, but fueled by passion (and caffeine). When I set out to can my cold brew in 2018, I knew I had a tasty drink. Full-bodied, antioxidant-rich, caffeine-heavy. I made it with love, organic ingredients, and left out the dairy and sugar so that all could drink from this delicious well. 

I wanted coffee I could cart with me, no matter where life led. I wanted coffee I could share with pals near & far to help them charge up craggy mountains and fly down backcountry basins. I wanted a canned cold brew that lit an eternal flame deep within my belly and made me release a raucous “yee-haw” into the empty, wild abandon - or into the microphone of mt laptops during midday meetings.

"There simply wasn’t a cold-brew that could tick all these boxes for me, so I made one. "

Meet Jenny - Founder

Jenny Verrochi grew up watching her parents start a coffee roasting business from scratch. Her veins basically flow with the stuff. For Jenny, it’s always been coffee instead of Kool-Aid, trail-blazing instead of trailing behind, passion over price-tag. “I combined all my passions - coffee, friendship, fun, and the outdoors.” 

When she’s not working on all things Wild Barn, you can find her in the saddle of a horse or her mountain bike, or skinning up mountains in the backcountry.